Time-Lapse Movies

iBEAM is #1 for construction time-lapse movies.

Time-lapse movies are a compelling way to update your team, share progress or memorialize a completed project. iBEAM cameras are specifically designed for the best time-lapse results during construction and after your project is completed.

Custom On-demand Time-Lapse Movies During Your Project

Bring life to your meetings and enhance communication with custom time-lapse movies whenever you need them. iBEAM's online time-lapse generator lets you see your project from day one to today, or focus on just a few days to see activity in greater detail.

  • Customizeable date and time range
  • 4K, 1080HD or 720HD resolution
  • Widescreen format
  • Pick your playback speed
  • Watch online or download
  • Included at no additional charge

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Click the Timelapse tab
on any demo camera.
online time-lapse movies

Professionally-edited Time-Lapse Movie at Completion

iBEAM's expert in-house video producers turn your project's photos into stunning time-lapse movies that showcase your project like nothing else can. Our post-processing and customization features ensure amazing results.

A post processed, custom edited start-to-finish time-lapse movie at completion is included with all iBEAM Hosting .

You hold the copyrights to every movie, so you are free to use them for your web site, social media, presentations, etc.

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