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Sherwin-Williams Paint by Wall Dev Group


Wall Development Group of Denver, Colorado is a proud commercial real estate developer with a network of clients nationwide. With prominent clients including Sherwin-Williams Paint, Starbucks, 7-Eleven, and others, Wall Development Group has positioned themselves as a leader in the commercial real estate development industry.

“We use iBEAM cameras on all of our construction projects. They truly are a time saver and an all-around help with every project.

Sales and customer service at iBEAM are always very eager to help answer any questions we may have and always are responsive! ”


Company: Wall Development Group (WDG)
Location: Denver, Colorado
Founder & President: Jimmy Wall
Industry: Commercial real estate development
Website: www.walldevgroup.com
Project Types: Variety
Prominent Cameras & Accessories Used: iBEAM Fixed 4K Construction Cameras with super wide-angle view and 12V battery power kits.


“Our passion is building strong relationships built on trust.” - Wall Development Group


Wall Development Group needed a proven,
easy-to-use construction camera solution for their
various commercial projects.



With over 100 completed projects in 35 states and many more on the horizon, Wall Development Group found themselves in need of a solution to document all of their development projects, be it retail or industrial.


WDG was looking for a no-hassle documentation and visualization solution that would allow investors, lenders, and essential team members to seamlessly access real-time updates 24/7 and be on the same page for every project. Once a project is complete, the solution needed to be easy to transport and deploy on the next project.

Finally, finding a solution with cost-saving benefits for the bottom line of each and every project was imperative.

With their needs defined, Wall Development Group began searching online for a photo documentation and construction camera solution.


As with many retail and commercial construction projects, problems can and will occur at the job site.

From delays in materials being delivered to inclement weather stopping work from progressing, there are a myriad of potential problems that can occur and cause delays.

With this in mind, the Wall Development Group needed to:

  1. Easily and economically document all of their development projects.
  2. Create an indisputable visual record of project day-to-days, capturing any possible natural disasters, theft, vandalism, or absence of labor.
  3. Keep team members, investors, and lenders connected for imperative project updates, as well as making sure everyone is aware of upcoming scheduling issues or possible progression issues without the need to be on site every day. Being able to visually see the project without actually being on site was crucial.

Finding a photo documentation solution that fits all of the needs was a challenging task, but after researching a variety of construction camera providers, WDG found that iBEAM Construction Cameras was the best fit for their needs.


After looking at a handful of construction camera providers, the team at Wall Development Group ultimately decided to utilize iBEAM Construction Cameras on their projects for a multitude of reasons.

First, iBEAM Construction Cameras are turn-key solutions that don’t require any programming or lengthy installation processes, which was exactly what Wall Development Group was looking for. Additionally, with both purchase and rental options available, WDG knew an iBEAM camera could fit the budgets of any project they would undertake.

Finally, with their iBEAM Construction Cameras capturing 4K Ultra HD images, the team at Wall Development Group now has the peace of mind of knowing every process and job site update is being captured in crystal clear resolution.

Construction Camera Spotlight:
Sherwin Williams Paints by Wall Development Group


Using construction cameras on their projects has helped the team save money in a variety of ways.

Tiffany Leon, Office Manager at Wall Development Group shared the following:

  • “A few years ago we had a “microburst” occur on one of our sites and the camera caught the whole thing! Construction had just started, so no draws had been made, therefore no inspection had been done. If the camera had not caught the natural disaster on film we would have had a hard time proving our case to the insurance company!”

  • “It (the camera) is a theft deterrent.”

  • “This summer we were able to save a lot of money because of the camera. We had a project that was delayed mid-construction. When we were able to get back to work the GC presented us with a change order for the superintendent that he said was put on site to monitor the property while no work was being done. Because we had the cameras and the way the photos are taken, we had proof that the superintendent was never on our site, the GC could not argue the facts, and the change order was withdrawn.”

  • “The cameras allow our construction manager the ability to see exactly what needs to be addressed on each location, at any time. What a time saver!”

After experiencing the benefits and cost savings iBEAM Construction Cameras provide, Wall Development Group couldn’t be happier.

Thanks to their iBEAM cameras, everyone involved with projects at Wall Development Group is always on the same page, regardless of their schedule or where they’re located. Investors, lenders, and construction managers just log into their protected iBEAM camera console web page and receive live streaming video updates in real-time.

Implementing iBEAM Construction Cameras on projects has allowed Wall Development Group to meet all of their defined needs and criteria in a pain-free manner. They now have the peace of mind of knowing all of their projects are being documented from start to finish, thus allowing them to focus on more important things — new projects!

Here’s a sample of some of the outstanding retail and commercial structures Wall Development Group has created over the years:


“iBEAM Construction Cameras truly are a time saver and an all around help with every project.”
~ Tiffany Leon, Wall Development Group

Until next time, keep what’s really important in focus.

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Vicki Robertson
Vice President