OnSite PTZ 4K Construction Camera

The all-in-one solution for monitoring and documenting your projects.

Streaming video PTZ construction camera

iBEAM OnSite PTZ 4K connects you to your project like no other camera.

  •      Live streaming video without buffering
  •      User-controlled pan-tilt-zoom
  •      4G LTE Cellular Communication Included
  •      Online Photo Album
  •      Online 4K and HD Time-lapse Movies
  •   Photos and Movies of Multiple Views
  •       Edited 4K Ultra HD Time-lapse Movie at completion
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Installation is fast and easy. Just plug the unit into power.
Solar power solutions are available.

  Yes, this is a real pan-tilt-zoom camera with 360° rotation and 12x optical zoom. You actually remote-control the camera to focus on what's important to you. Optical zoom means no loss of clarity as you zoom in on your site.

Streaming video PTZ construction camera
No zoom.
Streaming video PTZ construction camera
6x optical zoom.
Streaming video PTZ construction camera
12x optical zoom.

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All iBEAM cameras are backed by our outstanding support, lifetime warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

What's included

Standard equipment:

Optional items:

Hosting Services

Photo archive, time lapse movies

iBEAM hosting services for the OnSite PTZ camera include everything you need to monitor, share and document project progress.

  •   Online Photo Archive
  •   Live Streaming Video with remote control
  •   Online Time-lapse Movies
  •    Professionally-edited Time-lapse Movie at completion
  •    Secure Remote Photo Storage
  •   4G LTE Cellular Data Service
  •    Web Site Integration

The iBEAM Camera Console is web-based and accessible on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. No software or app required!

The OnSite PTZ hosting package includes:

  • 8.3 megapixel photos uploaded every 10 minutes (6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)
  • Live streaming video (up to 1080HD)
  • User-controlled 360° rotation and 110° tilt
  • User-controlled 12x optical zoom
  • 4K Ultra HD, 1080p HD and 720p HD time-lapse movies
  • You hold the copyrights to all photos and movies

Customize your hosting services to best meet your project's needs:

  • Save photos and create time-lapse movies from multiple views
  • Custom archiving schedule/24-hour photo archiving


OnSite PTZ contruction camera

Camera Information and Specifications


OnSite PTZ contruction camera

Architectural Specifications


We use the cameras every week in our team meetings to look at the sites lives and everyone on the team can really get a sense of what is going on and the progression of the project. Our project manager also uses the cameras on a daily basis to confirm that we have contractors on site and work is progressing as scheduled."

Tiffany Leon, Wall Development Group

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