Hosting Services

Get the most from your cameras with iBEAM's Hosting Services.

Photo archive, time lapse movies

iBEAM's hosting package includes everything you need to effectively document and share project progress.

  •    Secure Remote Photo Storage
  •   Online Photo Archive
  •    Live Streaming Video
  •   Online HD Time-lapse Movies
  •    Professionally-edited HD Time-lapse Movie at completion
  •    Web Site Integration
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iBEAM services are web-based and accessible on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. No software or app required!

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Secure Remote Photo Storage

Your project’s photos are automatically uploaded to iBEAM’s secure servers, where they are immediately backed up, cataloged and available to you via web browser or mobile device. Our typical upload schedule is every 10 minutes; other schedules are available.

  Off-camera photo storage is essential for reliable project documentation. Beware of cameras that only store photos locally, where they are vulnerable to loss by theft or equipment failure.

Online Photo Album

Photos from all your projects are at your fingertips 24/7 in the iBEAM Online Photo Album.

Photo archive, time lapse movies

The Photo Album makes it easy to find project milestones.

  • Quick view all cameras
  • Browse indivdual photos
  • Search by calendar date and time
  • Compare photos by hour, day, week or month to quickly see progress over time

Essential tools are at the ready.

  • Pan and zoom to view details
  • Share and download photos

Remember, you hold the copyrights to every photo.

Live Streaming Video

OnSite cameras give you beautiful widescreen streaming video from your job site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

live streaming video

Online HD Time-Lapse Movies

Pick a date and time range for instant HD time-lapse movies. See your project from day one to today, or focus on just a few days to see activity in greater detail. Then download your movies in up to 4K Ultra HD. iBEAM's online time-lapse videos are a great way to share your project's progress.

online time-lapse movies

Professionally-edited Time-Lapse Movies at Completion

iBEAM's expert in-house video producers turn your project's photos into stunning time-lapse movies that showcase your project like nothing else can. Our post-processing and customization features ensure amazing results.

Every project receives a 4K Ultra HD (Time-Lapse Pro cameras) or 1080p HD (OnSite cameras) post processed, custom edited start-to-finish time-lapse movie at completion.

You hold the copyrights to every movie, so you are free to use them for your web site, social media, presentations, etc.

Web Site Integration

Web site integration

Sharing your project photos and video is easy.

Every iBEAM camera includes an embeddable Most Recent Image for your company's web site. You may also embed the photo album, live video feed, or time-lapse movies. We'll provide HTML code to make it happen.

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